Who’s managing your online reputation

What are people saying about your business, what is your online reputation

So, how Can you manage your online reputation?

Online reputation management needs tactical thinking, strategy, and a well laid plan. Your plan must require keeping track of every online review. You must respond to every negative review and at least 80% of the positive ones. It involves intentionally and consistently cultivating positive reviews to overshadow the negative ones, therefore pushing those negative reviews down the search list. Also, it involves analyzing the comments to help your products or services get better.
This, of course, brings me back to the original question – “Who’s managing your reviews?” This is not something you want to trust to a family member or intern who needs some extra work. No way, this is a job for a professional that understands reputation management.
Case in point:
Let’s say you own a HVAC company and a customer writes the following review;

Talk about a smack in the face. You might be thinking “It’s just one review”. Yet it could be one of dozens that may be left on any given week depending on the size of your company. Therein lies the problem, people are going to read that review and make decisions based on it. So your response must be quick, and it must be convincing.
Your response should come within a day or two. You want to write one that makes this customer feel that their complaint has been heard and that their concern will be addressed. This way you show other potential customers how responsive you are, that you genuinely care about your customers, and that their feedback will help improve the way you do business.
A short, courteous, empathetic, and professional response that contrasts with their devastating review.

This is why you need professionals in your corner.

Consider hiring an Online Reputation Management agency like MySocialRep.com. The investment will be one that will pay off tremendously in terms of your bottom line.


Derek Bachmann is the Cofounder of MySocilaRep and is a leading expert on Social and Reputation Management.

October 8, 2017

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