Reputation Management

Why is Reputation Management important?

According to a recent test at Harvard, a 4 star rating increases revenue 9% over a 3.5 star rating. New Research revealed that 80% of customers might cancel a purchase after reading negative reviews online. Its time to protect your business with, the complete online review management company.

The best time to start is Now! is the online reputation management answer for businesses of all sizes. Designed to meet the needs of any business whether you have one, two, or multiple locations. Our highly trained staff are the best at managing reviews from websites such as Google, Facebook, WebMD, TripAdvisor, Yelp!, and 85 other websites that customers share reviews publicly. Sign up today and we’ll get started tracking all your locations across all of the most significant review websites.

We monitor all of your reviews.

We will find out what your clients are saying about your company at every location – Powered by advanced review monitoring technology, we are alerted every single time a new review (positive or negative) about your company is posted online. also includes a responding feature; we will listen and respond to each customer’s feedback of your business.

Star ratings are great, but there’s more to it.’s uses natural-language processing technology to evaluate the most valuable information within the review: customer sentiment. Our Trending Topics feature will help us quickly process customer feedback — so you can focus on improving loyalty, increasing CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), and change the conversation, making your customer feedback actionable. We will go over this every month with you to help improve your customer loyalty and retention.

Increase the quantity of positive reviews by 200, 300, even 400%.

We developed a way to improve your average ratings organically. By increasing the amount of positive reviews we’ll make sure your average reviews will carry more weight to mask the negative reviews. This will make sure that your online reviews are positive, and you still get the essential feedback you need from your customers. What’s the bottom line? Your company looks better, and you are more in touch with your customers needs than ever before.

Think of us as the Secret Service of Reputation

Do you have multiple review sites to monitor? Let MySocialRep do the job for you. We are alerted every time a new review is found on sites like Facebook, TripAdvisor and Google+, as well as niche review sites for restaurants, cafes, bars, car dealerships, law and medical offices, and more than 85 others. MySocialRep is constantly monitoring, leading, and protecting your good reputation.

We organize data and evaluate your performance.

MySocialRep will go over your report with you every month in a way that is easy to understand. We will also show you what your customers are saying the most about your company in order for you to improve the customer experience.
Our Team listens and responds – On the Go! We get online review alerts – anytime, anywhere. It is designed so our team can access it with any Web-enabled device: desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet.

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