Social Listening

The What and Why of Social Listening (Social Media Monitoring)

We all know that friend who doesn’t want to join Twitter, doesn’t really use LinkedIn, and got off Facebook because it just takes them to a dark place. They’ve determined that social media just doesn’t work for them, and they don’t mind that the rest of the world just doesn’t agree.

They’re not listening.
That’s okay for your buddy, but it will not work for your business. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, most of your customers use social media. What does this mean? Well you have to have a well-built social presence in order to capture their attention?
Most importantly, they may be talking about you on social networks already. You better be keeping track of those conversations; if not you are missing sales opportunities – big time!

We’re going to show you how we monitor conversations, watch your competitors, and keep customers happy.

What the heck is Social Listening?

In laymen’s terms, Social Listening shows us what’s being said on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, about your brand without you having to go looking. This lets you:
Know what is being said about your brand in real time
Track all social media mentions on all platforms
Show analytics on those to find trends
It’s also known as “Social Media Monitoring,” the goal is simply to make the social world a little less bewildering. You know that there are millions of social media messages sent every day. On Twitter, for instance, that number is upwards of 350 thousand every single minute of every day. And that’s just Twitter!
Social listening lets us track all these messages – across every social platform – to find the ones that matter to your company.
Why is this valuable? Well, there are over 60 Social Media sites that are used on a daily basis, which is a lot to monitor on your own.

Social media isn’t just for keeping in contact with friends. Every business that wants to succeed has a social presence, and social medai has become a dominant sales tool. If your business isn’t there to answer customers and stay connected, your competitors will be.

Okay you decided to get on a handful of social networks, and your customers are on even more. It’s merely impossible to know what’s being said on all of them at once isn’t it? That’s why we have social listening tools.
You could go from site to site searching for anyone talking about your brand name. But there are two huge problems with this approach:
It’s a enormous waste of your time
You’re going to miss a lot of things
You’re not going to know everything said about your brand, product, or company without our help. There are just too many sources, too many consumers, and too many people talking. When something does get by you, it could be a costly grievance from a high profile customer, or an approval from a very powerful influencer.

MySocialRep is here for you

But you don’t have to worry about it. Our Social Listening Service will pick up every mention of your brand on all social media. That way, we can see everything said about your company saving time in the process. That’s what we call a win/win.